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Betsy Salkind

Betsy Salkind

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    A comedian, writer and more.

    Betsy Salkind is an actress, comedian, writer and former drummer for the PHENOBARBIDOLLS. She was a founding member of the TERRORIST BRIDESMAIDS (4 comediennes determined to get a second use out of those dresses), and alumna of the improv troupe GUILTY CHILDREN and the sketch comedy group THE OTHER WHITE MEAT. She was also a staff writer for “SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL” and “ROSEANNE” (the sitcom), and a joke writer for Anthony Robbins.

    Her stand up career includes an early banning in Boston, where she performed “The Emperor’s Getting Fucked,” a short piece about misogyny, racism, and viciousness in the comedy clubs. Performed only twice, it caused a stir in the comedy community and took her for several years into the world of performance art. Several years later she reemerged in New York and LA comedy clubs and is a regular at NY’s Comic Strip and LA’s Comedy Store, and has appeared on “Girls Night Out,” “Stand-Up, Stand-Up,” “ARLI$$,” “Pet Shop with Andy Kindler,” the “TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO,” and most recently in the SHOWTIME special “Fierce Funny Women.”

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