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Claude Shires

Claude Shires

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      From the electric buzz of live comedy at The Comedy Store to the precision of video editing suites, my career is a tapestry of bold moves and creative storytelling. A Molecular Biology graduate turned comedic craftsman, I’ve honed my voice not only on stage but through the lens of a camera, editing and directing with the same passion I brought to stand-up.

      My odyssey in comedy began while juggling studies and stand-up, opening for titans of humor at California’s iconic venues. This journey led me to Los Angeles, where I became a regular at The World Famous Comedy Store, translating my comedic timing into the rhythm of video editing. Self-taught through relentless study and hands-on experimentation, I mastered everything from frame-rates to broadcast formatting, using my expertise to produce content for legends like Andrew Dice Clay, Joan Rivers, and Al Madrigal.

      In the director’s chair for Amazon’s ‘The Guest List’ and HBO’s ‘Translate This,’ I’ve brought countless laughs to screens worldwide. The vision? To democratize stand-up comedy, making it as accessible as a click, anytime, anywhere.

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