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The Comedy Store Benefit

In partnership with The Motion Picture Television Fund (MPTF), 501(c)(3), we are raising funds to provide a safety net for our current Comedy Store family. Proceeds to Support The Comedy Store Family Fund benefiting our employees and comedians.

Since the club’s closure on March 13th, we have paid all of our employees and would like to continue to do so. It may be a while until The Store will be able to open our doors again and we would like to ensure financial stability to our regular comedians and staff.

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Episode 1:

5:00pm PT
  • Whitney Cummings (host)

  • Chris D’Elia

  • Bobby Lee

  • Andrew Santino

  • Tim Dillon

Episode 2:

6:00pm PT
  • Tom Segura (host)

  • Joey Diaz

  • Bert Kreischer

  • Theo Von

Episode 3:

7:00pm PT
  • Neal Brennan (host)

  • Bill Burr

  • Donnell Rawlings

  • Dave Chappelle

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