With great care, we take the first step:

As of today, June 28th, 2020, we are opening as a restaurant with extended service in our private parking lot. Please come by and enjoy a meal, cocktail, beer, wine, a chat, a few laughs, and community all in support of keeping The Comedy Store viable.

The state isn’t ready for the clubs (or bars) to open, but they have granted us this chance to gather and dine. See you tonight! See you tomorrow! See ya forever.


While we take this first step towards normalcy, we simultaneously continue fund raising efforts in support of our Comedy Store family (employees & comedians who are out of work). Since the club’s closure on March 13th, we have paid all of our employees. While we can’t know when we will be able to bring everyone back, we would like to continue to support as many as possible.

In partnership with The Motion Picture Television Fund (MPTF), 501(c)(3), we created The Comedy Store Family Fund.

Learn more about the fund here  comedystore.org, or donate below. Thank you.

The Comedy Store Benefit, and more!

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