The Podcast Studio

Live from The World Famous Comedy Store, bringing you a variety of podcasts from the past, present and future of comedy.

  • The Store with Rick and Eleanor

    Hosts Rick Ingraham and Eleanor Kerrigan talk about the past, present and further of The Comedy Store with guests that span the entire history of the store.

    1. Host/Talent: Eleanor Kerrigan & Rick Ingraham
    2. Air Date: Sunday
  • JUST SAYIN’ with Justin Martindale

    Comedian Justin Martindale breaks down the hottest stories, gossip, headlines and fashion in this weekly entertainment roundup podcast.

    1. Host/Talent: Justin Martindale
    2. Air Date: Tuesday
  • Slobs

    We’ve all got a little slob in us. Meet Jessica Michelle, Lara Beitz and Steph Tolev, three friends who are stand-up comics. From the outside, they may appear driven, focused and together, but a closer look reveals the absolute pigs within. For an hour each week, they share their dirtiest secrets on Slobs.

    1. Host/Talent: Jessica Michelle Singleton, Lara Beitz, Steph Tolev
    2. Air Date: Sunday
  • Comedy Store Wrestling

    Comedy and wrestling. Is there a better pairing? Join Earl Skakel and Eddy Torres for a weekly recap of all things wrestling with special guests, interviews and watch-along segments.

    1. Host/Talent: Earl Skakel and Eddy Torres
    2. Air Date: Sunday & Thursday
  • Horror at The Store

    From The World Famous Comedy Store, welcome to Horror at The Store! A horror film podcast hosted by comedian Katie Hettenbach. Each episode we'll review a new horror film with guests from across the comedy and horror industries. IF YOU'RE SCARED OF SPOILERS, RUN NOW!

    1. Host/Talent: Katie Hettenbach
    2. Next Season Starts:
  • The Comedy Store Doorcast

    Hear about the lives of a "Door Guy" at The World Famous Comedy Store from the people who live them. Host Luke Schwartz is joined by a new set of door guys each week to discuss the highs, lows and crazies of their jobs while also being working comics in Los Angeles.

    1. Host/Talent: Luke Schwartz
    2. Air Date: Tues. 11pm
  • This Week in Crime

    From crime lords, to drug king pins, Cartels, criminals, gangs, serial killers, and ever day psychos, World on Drugs with Steve Furey deep dives into subjects and people other wont. We analyze it through the lens of comedy, to try and see how and why these people/event went down the wrong road. So come join me, Steve Furey and my funny friends to learn about some of the people who stay in the shadows. This shits so crazy they gotta be on drugs.

    1. Host/Talent: Stephen Furey & Saul Trujillo
  • Chelsea Skidmore

    An intimate conversational podcast hosted by comedian Chelsea Skidmore. Chelsea Skidmore is a comedian, writer and actress currently based in Los Angeles, California.

    1. Host/Talent: Chelsea Skidmore
    2. Air Date: Returning Soon
  • Rick Ingraham Talks To Strangers

    Comedy Store Headliner Rick Ingraham, brings his masterful crowd work to the podcast world where he interviews strangers. Produced by Sarah Tiana.

    1. Host/Talent: Rick Ingraham
    2. Air Date: Returning Soon
  • Not Cool with Sarah Hyland

    A brand new pop culture podcast hosted by the coolest of the uncool, Sarah Hyland. Accompanied by the coolest guests, Sarah covers the coolest and uncoolest topics and trends from the 90's through today.

    1. Host/Talent: Sarah Hyland
    2. Air Date: Coming Up