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Ajai Sanders

Ajai Sanders

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    Ajai Sanders is a triple threat. She’s best known for her comedic talent where She’s appeared in Iconic TV shows such as, The Fresh Prince, A Different World, The Jamie Foxx Show, Hanging w/ Mr Cooper, Martin, Are We There Yet? & The Wayans Bros. Currently, the new hit Series, Two Degrees. As a stand up Comedienne Ajai has toured globally with Chris Rock, Martin, Jamie Foxx, & DL Hughley. She was featured on the 1st season of Def Comedy Jam, as well as Def Jam 25th anniversary special. Ajai is currently featured in the hit comedy documentary, Phat Tuesday, currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Excited to return to her theatrical roots – Ajai began her acting journey with The Rebirth Drama Co. where she appeared in such productions as, Livin’ Fat, The Sirens, Raisin in The Sun, and an all female cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

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