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Bruce Smirnoff

Bruce Smirnoff

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      Bruce Smirnoff’s show business career began at the age of 13, when he tried to attempt an acrobatic stunt he witnessed on the Ed Sullivan Show. The next day, from his hospital room in ICU, Bruce chose the guitar as his next foray into the performance world, convinced this would net him the attention from the females he so desired at school! Armed with no real ability, a low IQ, and no interest, whatsoever, from females, Bruce soon found something he was good at, STAND-UP COMEDY.

      At Boston University in the late 70’s, Bruce became famous ushering in the tremendous comedy boom that swept Boston, which included people like homegrown Jay Leno. Bruce wound up in L.A. in ’78, where he spent the next twenty-two years, leading to dozens and dozens of national TV appearances and his 1998 critically acclaimed, award winning One-Man Show, “Other Than My Health, I Have Nothing. And Today, I Don’t Feel So Good!” The show ran two years in L.A., then made stops in Toronto, New York, Cleveland and Kansas City.

      Currently residing in Florida, Bruce headlines in top comedy clubs and gated communities throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia, where his topical humor and quick wit have won audiences everywhere. He has opened for stars like Julio Iglesias, the Righteous Brothers, Gregory Hines, and Andrew Dice Clay.

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