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Byron Bowers

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    Byron Bowers is a stand-up comedian, writer and actor you can see in the film “Concrete Cowboys”alongside of Idris Elba which went number one on Netflix. He also can be currently seen on Amazon as Lucas Hedges’ Roommate in Alma Har’el & Shia Labeouf’s award winning film “HONEY BOY” which took the special jury prize at Sundance 2019 and also had one of the years strongest opening weekends. His Omaze commercial that he starred in alongside George Clooney was featured worldwide AND he’s currently in not one but two Soderbergh films, “No Sudden Moves” and “KIMI.” Byron appears in Lena Waithe’s Showtime series drama “The CHI” as Meldrick and currently plays Nelson in the HBO Max animated series “Ten Year Old Tom”, which he stars in as well as write for. He has a reoccurring role in the HBO limited series “IRMA VEP” which will premiere in 2022.

    As a comedian he has had breakout performances at numerous comedy festivals such as Just for Laughs, SXSW, Moontower, Life is Beautiful, and Austin City Limits which led to TV and late-night appearances on Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel, and the latest Stephen Colbert. Byron is a regular at The Comedy Store, The Comedy Cellar, Laugh Factory and Hollywood Improv.  He recently taped his comedy special “SPIRITUAL NI**A”, which Byron marries heavy and light during an hour about Spirituality!  Check his Schedule Here.

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