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Cynthia Levin

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    Cynthia Levin is not only a hilarious stand-up comic but she is also a talented comedic and dramatic actress. Chicago native Cynthia Levin was taking improv classes at The Second City Player’s Workshop and the Training Centre for the Working Actor by age 15. It was in these idea incubators and in her untethered upbringing where she learned the art of authentic truth telling—because someone had to do it. As her mother explained one day over half a sandwich and soup, “You’ve always been the truth-teller in the family, but you know what? No- body wants to hear it!” To Cynthia’s surprise,  other people did want to hear it—in her writing, directing, stand-up comedy, and her chameleon-like characterization of original personalities in film and episodic productions and on stage. By combining her vulnerability and sardonic wit with life experience, she has become one of the industry’s leading voices for fresh, unexpected comedic storytelling.

    Early on in her stand-up career, Cynthia became a regular at The Comedy Store

    and The Improv in Los Angeles, CA. Some of her comedy credits include: Comedy Central’s, “Tough Crowd” with Colin Quinn, ABC’s, “Comics Unleashed” with Byron Allen, B.E.T.’s Comic View, The Stephanie Miller Show, opening comedian for the Off Broadway Production of “Puppetry of the Penis”, Winner of New York City’s Ladies of Laughter Comedy Competition and a finalist in the NYC Comedy Central’s Laugh Riots Competition. Cynthia was also named “One to Watch” in the Hollywood Reporters Special Comedy Issue.

    Known as a “comic’s comic”, Cynthia was also a favorite in Los Angeles’

    alternative comedy scene winning the “Always Makes Me Laugh” and “The Least

    Likely to Repeat Material” awards. She has also done several tours performing

    overseas for the US troops. She has performed at many comedy festivals including:

    The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, The Women in Comedy Festival,

    Manchester, England, Chicago Women’s Comedy Festival, The Ladies are Funny

    Festival in Austin, TX, The Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival in Washington, D.C.,

    and SFSketchfest, in San Francisco, CA. Cynthia has toured all over the United

    States and Canada with the comedy troupe, “Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad” and has also performed for the U.S troupes overseas in Bosnia, Kosovo, Japan, Korea and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

    Ms. Levin has also had great fun and success with her one woman shows: Most

    recently, she performed, “You Gotta Be Shouldin’ Me! Conversations with My

    Ego, Carl” at The Meta Theatre in LA and in the TAG Solo Festival in Burbank,

    CA. Her prior solo shows include: the comedy/lounge singer, Linda Lovin in

    “Nobody Gets Away Unscathed”, in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as

    London and Chicago. “Unprepared for Life” a solo show based on her TV series,

    “Unprepared for Life” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, London and Dublin. “I’m

    not a little sh… anymore”, “Shut Up! I know what I’m doing…” and “It’s okay, I

    didn’t want to be here anyway!”, “10 Years to Life in LA County” performed in

    both LA and NYC.

    Today, you can catch Cynthia on stage in NYC and on stages throughout the country!

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